Our Fabrics

JAGGAD Hard working by Design.

Our multi-sport performance garments are cut from the best fabrics, and are created by passionate designers for people who appreciate beauty, simplicity and design in sport and life. We use the latest technical textiles and construction techniques to ensure our garments will look great and work hard, day in and day out. 

Learn more about JAGGAD technical performance fabrics below.

The natural properties in Merino Wool make it a strong performance fibre for athletes seeking that added advantage in all training conditions. It is lightweight, natural, biodegradable and renewable and is our fibre of choice for each collection – from classic muscle tanks to long sleeve cycling jerseys.

JAGGAD Merino Tech goes through a unique heat process which gives the fabric a smooth finish and sheen, it is super soft on the skin, is lightweight, and it won’t pill or ball.

Merino Wool is proven to have:

Moisture management: Merino fibres absorb moisture then transfer vapour away from the body during high intensity training, to hot yoga to recovery. It will keep you drier for longer.

Temperature regulation: Wool allows you to look after your body by keeping you warm in the cooler conditions and cool in the heat, creating a more comfortable training experience.

Minimises Odour: Merino will remain fresher due to absorption of moisture and locking away of odour molecules making it perfect for working out in. A reduction in sweat is a bonus, and a more tolerable experience for you and your workout buddy!

Comfort: Soft and luxurious, Merino fibres have a natural elasticity providing comfort and freedom of movement during any form of exercise.

Shape Retention: Through a range of movement Merino will stretch and mould with you and then return to its natural shape- perfect for the longevity of the garment.

Ease & Resistance Merino Wool yarns construct a natural protective outer layer preventing stains being absorbed and make the garment less prone to pilling. It has a natural protection from UV light and is fire resistant.

Jaggad x Woolmark Video


Jaggad’s premium power compression is Italian made and is the ultimate performance fabric with patented technology exclusive to Jaggad. 

Being the first to utilise this fabric construction for active wear, this fabric provides fundamental comfort and function embracing your body like a second skin during exercise being ultra-thin, light and soft to touch.

From preparation and throughout activity our compression promotes increased blood flow for muscles to have greater movement efficiency and a stronger performance. 

During recovery, compression allows the muscles to snap back into place to reduce muscle strain and soreness, therefore reducing fatigue and allowing your body to prepare for your next daily activity. 

With a two-way stretch, our leggings provide a high-cover factor, making our garments not see-through during any form of exercise. Designed to last, JAGGAD power compression doesn’t lose its shape; there is no pilling or spirality from wear and remains fresh and dry across all intensities.

A blend of Polyamide and Elastane this garment provides optimal performance allowing freedom of movement throughout any training conditions and aided recovery between workouts.

This warp-knit fabric with compression elements and performance features is sweat absorbing, quick drying and will keep you cool and comfortable through all training sessions. A flattering fit, this two-way stretch fabric is printed inside and out, providing you with a non see-through garment to support you through your workout.

This fabric is a unique blend of polyester and elastane. It is lightweight and has a great handle, perfect for our printed garments including leggings, crops and sport shorts. The yarn construction allows deep and vivid colours to pop and create eye-catching prints that are essential to the essence of our brand and collections.

Our newly developed bib-short fabric has been designed and made specifically JAGGAD and our riders, for those seeking more from their ride in terms of movement efficiency to an active recovery off the saddle. 

Allowing the muscles to snap back into place during a cycle, the compression reduces and protects the muscles from fatigue and overuse. Comfortable, thin and lightweight this construction will support you through the longest of rides and build for a stronger performance.

Our chamois are Italian-made and specifically engineered for medium to long rides. With high elasticity and rapid perspiration absorption, these chamois provide the ultimate comfort.

The construction of the chamois consists of multi density foams for anatomical protection and is carbon made allowing it to remain fresher and wick away sweat creating a more enjoyable ride.

Be sure to read the care instructions on your JAGGAD garment for specific care instructions. 

We recommend following these care guidelines to extend the life of your garments:

  • Wash in cold water
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Cool Iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not iron prints
  • Rinse immediately after each use