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Where is the line between activewear and street clothes? The clothes you wear have a direct effect on how you think, and on what you do. Get formally fitted out, and you’ll be a power performer in your business meeting; get decked out like an athlete, and you’ll be more motivated towards physical fitness. Clothing that can bridge the gap between streetwear and activewear gives you the best of both worlds.

This is the age of sportswear that’s not actually worn to work out. People aren’t always buying these clothes with the intention going to the gym or for a run around the park. They are wearing them because they’re attractive, comfortable, stylish, and make them feel confident.

Many of the latest activewear brands are working hard to bring athletic clothing and the everyday wardrobe together, with Jaggad leading the charge. But before you go and fill up your closet with workout clothes, here are a few rules to help you incorporate your gym clothes into your daily outfits:

Mix the Function and Fashion of your Gym Wear

Regardless of the design, you should choose clothing that uses performance fabrics so that they help you to feel confident in any situation or environment. Jaggad compression activewear is soft, light-weight, and has a high cover factor, guaranteeing that they are not see-through. Our prints and designs offer you a spectrum of colors from bright hues that add sassiness to your style to cooler tones that give you that “cool” hip look.

Seasonal Trends and the Neutrals of Sportswear

As with any type of clothing, the season matters. It isn’t just the weather that affects what you need to wear, it’s what’s hot and what’s not. Here at Jaggad we provide you with premium patterns and designs for each changing season. If you feel some designs are too risky, we also have geometric prints or the neutral black and white options for you to try, before you move on to anything more adventurous.

Accessorizing and Dressing with Activewear for the Occasion

Once you have the gym wear chosen, it takes at least one more piece to transform your look into streetwear. A leather jacket, mirrored sunglasses, or a shirt tied around your waist completely changes the appearance of being in the gym to being a street smart and hip go-getter. Even if you’re going to a dinner in a 5-star restaurant, unless you’re wearing shorts and flip flops, they won’t turn you away. With the right branding and combination of accessories, you’ll be accepted for the attractive, fashionable, and style savvy individual you are.

Wanting to look good at the gym is nothing new, but the athletic clothing of this day and age does more than just help you there. It is conscientiously designed to fit your lifestyle, with or without exercise. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing gym clothes all day long, and it won’t be considered weird or out of place. More and more people are wearing trendy activewear every day, all day. It’s cool. Everyone wants to look good, a person who exercises is usually perceived as attractive, therefore wearing clothes that are meant for working out subconsciously makes people feel healthy, fit, and attractive.

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