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Jaggad Merino Wool offers superior temperature regulation, moisture management, and odor control. In addition, Jaggad's Merino Wool Activewear provides comfort, flexibility, and freedom of movement.

The clothes you choose influence your performance on the sports field or in the gym, and nothing will influence it more than wearing the softest wool available, Merino wool. Whether you’re working out or playing a sport, what you wear could be the deciding factor that influences how well you perform.


That doesn’t make sense. You’re going to get hot and sweaty anyway, why shouldn’t you just wear any old t-shirt and shorts? Why bother looking for Merino wool?

One of the main benefits of wearing the right athletic clothing is confidence. Scientists have shown that wearing the right clothes can have a positive impact in the workplace, this phenomenon extends to sports and exercise as well. When you’re wearing activewear that looks good and offers support in the right places, you’re going to feel confident on so many levels.


Another advantage of choosing the right activewear is the freedom of movement they supply. In other words, comfort. A t-shirt that’s too tight can restrict your movement physically as well as mentally. Shorts that are too short, long, tight, or loose come along with their own complications. Additionally, if your clothes are rough, scratchy, or itchy they can serve as a distraction or cause irritation and rashes on your skin.


So, what makes our athletic wear the most comfortable? Yes, wool is notorious for being an itchy fabric, but Merino wool is able to get rid of the itch thanks to its fiber’s small size. These fibers are extremely fine, which enables them to bend more than traditional, larger wool fibers. Therefore, Merino wool feels soft and gentle on the skin. Not only that, but the natural elasticity of Merino wool material allows it to stretch with you, regardless of the type of movement, and still return to their original shape.

By virtue of its velvety softness, Merino wool clothing has the ability to enhance comfort. By virtue of its flexible elasticity, Merino wool clothing beautifully and stylishly fits with the form of the body. Now you look good and feel good, your performance can only get better.

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