The Life Athletic

‘I wouldn’t cancel on a work colleague or friend so why should I cancel on myself?

If you prioritise your health, you will always make time for it no matter how busy you are.’

Jaggad is proud to welcome Laura to the family as our ambassador for 2016!

Laura is a model, currently studying law and is an inspiration to many aiming to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Having a strong presence on social media and an influencer of this generation, Laura manages to juggle work, study and social events in conjunction with running her own blog 'Food Fit and Repeat'.

 Laura truly encompasses a Life Athletic.

Incorporating regular exercise and keeping up a healthy eating regime day-to-day is a struggle for most people, especially when working/studying full time.

We caught up with Laura to discuss all things Health & Fitness and key tips to staying on track!

What is your take on living a Life Athletic? What does this mean to you?

Living a Life Athletic to me is taking time every day to do something to get my body moving, eating well, getting enough rest and simply enjoying life! Life can get so busy and it is so important to be able to step back and actually appreciate it.

You are a busy woman juggling modeling, studying and socializing, how do you find the balance between working & staying healthy, as well as fitting in a workout?

I find the busier I get the more organized I am forced to be. I know that if I don’t eat well and exercise, I won’t be able to perform at work or with my study. I find the busier I get the more energy I need thus, the more important it is for me to look after my health. I always set aside 30-60 minutes a day for my workout no matter how busy I am. I look at my workouts like a meeting; I wouldn’t cancel on a work colleague or friend so why should I cancel on myself? If you prioritise your health, you will always make time for it no matter how busy you are.

How often would you say you would workout a week? And what sort of training do you do?

I usually workout about six days a week and I always ensure I have at least one rest day to let my body recover. I love running so I do a few 10-15km runs every week as well as 3-4 HIIT sessions (High Intensity Interval Training), which I always mix up so I don’t get bored. I love to do a combination of interval running, boxing, rope work and plyometric jumping movements- it just depends what I feel like on the day! I find it really important to mix up my sessions so my body doesn’t adapt to the one training method- and it keeps it much more interesting!

What is your go-to food/snack post-workout?

My go to food post workout is 2 eggs, spinach and avocado or a healthy protein smoothie with berries, spinach, almond milk and protein powder.

Favourite place to grab a bite to eat?

Hmm…can I choose 10?! Living in Melbourne there are so many amazing healthy cafes and restaurants to choose from- we are so lucky. If I had to choose I would probably say Tall Timber. Ryan, the chef there is incredible at making healthy food taste delicious. Their sautéed greens and eggs is my favourite breakfast EVER!

How do you manage to resist the urge to eat junk and choose healthy options whilst you are studying?

I do have to admit sometimes at 1am, 11 hours into a study session I do cave and go straight for the chocolate but I do try as hard as I can to eat well when I study as I know I will crash if I don’t. If I am going into uni to study for the day I always bring food with me so I don’t get stuck 4 hours into studying starving and eat junk!

I bring fruit, nuts, protein balls, veggie sticks and a huge salad with a source of lean protein (tuna or chicken) to keep me full. Studying uses so much energy and so it is essential that you always have something to give your brain study power!

What are your favourite pieces so far from the AW16 Jaggad Drop? 

Am I allowed to say the whole collection!?

I LOVE the new High-waisted leggings- they are so comfortable and really functional to work out in.

I also can’t go past the Muscle Tanks and the Crop Performance Top and Long Sleeve Top! I have worn mine nearly every day since I got my hands on it. The new range makes it very difficult to ever get out of my active wear!

Keep your eyes peeled for more features on Laura throughout this calendar year with tips on fitness, health and all things #lifeathletic.

Read more about Laura on her blog Food, Fit and Repeat.


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